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Winter is coming...

Is that a line from The Game of Thrones? I stopped reading after the characters I fell in love with were all killed off. What author does that? He does, I guess. Not me. I've had characters die but then they are resurrected...guess killing them off was a success, but I grow too attached to them to do it. (even the bad ones)

I just published The Library of Time. If you are so inclined it will be .99 thru the holidays. I have had good success with it so far due to the BookBub ad I used to launch. I highly recommend doing the 'new release for less'. Expensive but worth it.

The title relates to the darkness as a good time to snuggle in and read. A fire, a cup of tea, mulled wine or a hot toddy and a good book. There are so many out there! For me it means working on the sequel to 'Library'...not sure of the title yet.

Today is the new moon in Scorpio and what I've read about it says it's a time of profound emotional transformation--a time to restart something you may have been putting off...and a need for revision. I restarted this 2nd book, beginning with a door. I have yet to know where this book is heading other than into the 14th century...Celtic history related to the time of Robert the Bruce and the battles to take Scotland. And of course Romance with a large R. A lot of research is needed to continue with the storyline which has barely touched on what life was like back then. I enjoy research as long as it doesn't get tedious.

The reason I've been so remiss on this blog is that I am writing on Medium and on Substack these days--political mostly. But if you're interested I'm including the urls where you can reach me.

Enjoy the hibernating time and try not to get too caught up in the frenzy of gift giving and the feelings of guilt and exhaustion that accompany this cultures response to the 'Holy Days'. I say this because I tend to do just that...this year we are living in a place where we might have snow! I look forward to the cold and a real fire in our fireplace! (and a good book)

thanks for reading...


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