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Exclusive: Unveiling the Cover of our Exciting New upcoming Book Release!

This is the 2nd in The Library of Time series--Teaser from back of the book:

“Who you are is yet to be revealed…” Diva intoned.


Sam’s long absence from the library and 2324 Edge, is worrying Annie, and when she discovers a cryptic message from him, she panics. A book in the stacks contains one word sent from the past. HELP. And when the ‘library of time’ provides a door, she doesn’t hesitate to walk through.


The 1300’s are not what she expected, nor is Sam.  His involvement in a long ago uprising to crown Robert the Bruce king of Scotland has taken over his common sense, and he will not be dissuaded. Not only is this war hundreds of years in the past, Annie is also afraid that Sam will end up dead.


But what finally sends Annie packing is Sam’s dalliance with the barmaid at the Inn where they are staying. A trip from there to see Sam’s mother further complicates things. Constance is about to give birth to Sam. And if the current Sam dies before the baby is born, everything in the future will change.

Sam and Annie might never meet.


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