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Waiting for Godot

The goddess of winter stands watch over all of us, her light lifting the darkness so that we can see again.

The catchword of 2020 is patience. And patience is hard to come by, at least for me! As December roles slowly by I wonder what 2021 will be like...Christmas is strange with no family and the entire season cloaked in the pandemic. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel--the vaccine is coming! Will the astro predictions I've been hearing about bring the changes we so need? Will our eyes open? Will we embrace the new and let the old fall away? I hope so.

In the meantime, as the countdown stretches closer to the new year, what have you planned? Will you have socially distanced parties or will you forego in the name of safety? We will travel to Santa Cruz after the New Year, but will also be careful with masks and socially distancing. I fear that even outdoor dining will be curtailed in Ca. as well as in many other places.

If you like to read and you enjoy fantasy, mystery, and romantic tales sometimes involving satyrs and dragons, please take a moment to peruse my offerings. What I would love is to have those who have read my books to gift them to others! Or even just pass along my website url to those who might like to subscribe and receive a FREE book! I want to reach my peeps, but in order to do that I have to reach out to those who have already subscribed here! I appreciate you all so much and wish you the best in this time of grief and heartache.

Reading heals.

For a quick look into my newest book:


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