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The Dark Goddess

I am the dark goddess, the one who wants to destroy everything and start anew. I am rageful, furious, murderous and seductive, my energy is power, the power to bring it all down, the power to stop the wind before it starts, the power to bring storms, to make the oceans rise up and cover the earth, the power to take down all the old paradigms, the patriarchal, the masculine, everything that does not serve. What I want is change.

The powers that be do not like me. They don't like the feminine energy, they say that females should know their place. They have no business leading or even being angry. They are shrill, not equipped to lead.

But there was once a time in the distant past when the feminine ruled, when women led the way. It was a prosperous time when everyone had what they needed, when money and absolute power took a back seat to life lived with love. But because they were fair, they decided to let the men rule for a while. That's when the wars began, when civilizations began to take over the land and twist what was important. Nature became a stepping stone as the men destroyed it to find riches and to make the world over in their image. Dominion turned from caretakers to utter disregard. Instead of the divine they sought wealth and ways to find more wealth. Nothing could stand in their way.

Change is inevitable. Old ways must be destroyed to usher in the new. But the old ways are entrenched and the male energy that runs things does not want what they have to disappear. It will take a summoning to bring it down--a summoning of those who want a different world. They will burn down the greed and usher in the light of consciousness. The dark goddess will lead the way with the burning flame of truth held high. The feminine will once again rule the world.


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