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The Art of Writing

So, you want to write...

You sit in front of your computer as blank as the page you're facing. 'What now?' You ask.

It doesn't have to be erudite, witty or funny. It doesn't have to be anything. The most wonderful thing about writing is: it is yours and only yours to create. 'So how do I do it?' you ask for the second time.

Rule number 1

Don't think. Write. Just start punching keys. (or tapping) It can be nonsense, the same word over and over, a nursery rhyme. All you need is the impetus to continue. Because if you let the words pour out you will find that they begin to make sense. You might have an image in your mind that you want to describe, or a conversation that is going on in the background of your brain. It might be that you look out the window and see a bird and that bird leads you to think of something else and something else.


"I was planning to..."

or this:

The bang brought me up and out of sleep...

Or use these words in a paragraph and see where they lead:

Catastrophic, carousel, stripes, handsome

Do you see how easy it is? When I was in high school my favorite time in English class was when the teacher gave us a short uncompleted sentence and asked us to write for fifteen minutes. Oh, the thrill of it!!!!!

Tune in here for more of this...I will be sitting here waiting for you.


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