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New Year New Beginnings

What a year this has been! And today marks the backside of part of it with the departure of Trump and the ringing in of Biden. Sorry if any of you are fans. I am not. I believe in decency honesty and ethical behavior. But enough of that.

What are you reading these days?

I am hard at work on Book 2 of Lucifer and the Dark Goddess. Working title is Forbidden but that could change. If you are fans of my work you know that current events or issues have a way of creeping in, and this new book is no exception. Echoes, the first book, introduced the god of chaos and now we are deep into that theme. Sound familiar? A world about to be blown up by a madman. This new one, though, is a departure in the sense that our heroine has many lessons to learn. And those lessons come through the dreamtime--do you know about the Aboriginal dreaming? The world was dreamed into being and everything in it has its place. In my story lessons are learned through the dreamtime. Apologies to the Aboriginal culture for how I describe it. And there's a queen and a prophecy...but you'll have to wait until it's published to find out the juicy details. So if you have not yet read Echoes, and these themes appeal to you, please check it out! It's still at .99.

A few suggestions for other authors I enjoy. Amy Harmon, The First Girl Child, The Vine Witch series by Luanne G Smith, Breath of Earth series by Beth Cato. Happy reading!

I hope you are staying safe and enjoying this new year of hope. Things are better already!


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