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NEW YEAR (and book) coming!

Ten Thousand Doors of January meets Sorcery of Thorns.

New book will be out in the beginning of the New Year! It's taken a long time for this one--started in response to the Roe decision and finding its own merry way since then! (My characters have an annoying habit of doing whatever they want, despite my attempts to rein them in) My heroine is a young girl many many years in the future, after climate change has taken its toll. The story is not so much a quest as it is a journey toward the truth with lost of twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat.

I have not written a blog in a long while--and I have not marketed my books. Found out that marketing is absolutely necessary in order to have my titles in front of the right eyes. Still not sure who those eyes belong to, but searching. Maybe you are among them? Anyone who has signed up here should have the necessary dreaminess to be my reader...(please pass this blog on to any of your friends who might be so inclined.)

My energy levels have been lower than usual due to politics and health issues. These things happen in all our lives--hoping to get back in the groove right away, despite the onset of the dreaded holidays. Have I mentioned how much I hate this season? My hate has little to do with the season itself--I love the cold weather and the tree and the celebrations to bring back the light--it's more about the expectations of gift giving and the general feeling that I'm never doing enough. The Solstice is a time I revere, and used to celebrate. Lately it goes by the wayside in the flurry of craziness that this culture seems to thrive on. Drivers turn vicious, people get cranky and everyone seems to enter into a collective insanity that lasts through the New Year.

Happy Thanksgiving and Solstice to you all and I hope you can find peace during this chaotic time.



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