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New book on the way!

Here is a possible cover idea...what do you think? Book will be called Myrddin's Mother--at least so far...I love this image from shutterstock.

Here is a short excerpt. And if you are behind on the earlier books in the series, best get started! (Siobhan's Secret, Dagda's Daughter and Kat's Conundrum)

The sun was going down, unrelenting shafts of intense light pouring through the glass into the high-ceilinged room. “I don’t like this house,” Kat murmured, shielding her eyes.

“Neither do I,” Val replied. “But Arwen was adamant.”

Kat frowned at her former lover and powerful magician. “What’s happened to you?”

When Val looked up his eyes were filled with an indefinable expression. The swirling colors had gone dark, his eyebrows twisted into corkscrews. “If you remember, when you dropped Arwen off things were very bad here. Alfheim had just been devastated by Ragnarok and I was not myself. I’m sorry to say I didn’t take proper precautions with him, telling myself that getting things up and running was the first priority.”

“In other words, you let him run wild.”

Val nodded, his sad eyes meeting hers. “I’m afraid he’s taken a dark turn. The friends he runs with are hell bent on destruction rather than working with the rest of us to bring back order. Arwen is impressionable and easily manipulated. If he isn’t in touch with the witch, he will be soon.”

“So, you expect me to…what, exactly? Bring him back to his senses, discipline him or just determine what he’s doing?”

“I’ve been watching you from afar, Kat. You’re not the same woman who shared my bed. I’m limited when it comes to my own kind, and he’s devious and can hide himself from me.”

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the series! Let me know what you think of the possible cover.


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