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Ever feel like you want to scrap everything and start over? It is actually not that hard, although what I did yesterday was a total waste of time. Or was it?

Yesterday afternoon I decided to start another website and use it to create an entirely different image of myself--new name, new email, new me. I spent a couple of hours on this, changing my name to Airmid and adding another google email which is now on my phone. Want to reach me? (also my instagram handle) Within this new paradigm I decided to write about topics that I hoped would be interesting to my readers. And when I'd chosen a wix template and written four blog posts, I realized...I have a lot invested in this website and my blog. To do another would require an outlay of money and marketing...oh yes--the marketing bit. Because you can start a website on wix for no money, but if you want it found, it has to go further than that--and this costs. To retrieve this new site, which I thought would be easy, I had to go back into my history...the name of it didn't really exist--at least in our rarified internet world. SEO? Didn't really work without a www in front of the name.

My original thought had been to write my blog and a new book under a pen name...but again, how to be found? I would have to start anew. And then I realized I can start fresh from where I am. In the end I copied and pasted what I'd written on the other blog into this one.

So I do have a new beginning but in the comforting bubble of the old. Now I can write about things other than my own books, do reviews and snippets of writing advice that I've gleaned along the many (too many to count) years I've been at this thing called writing. So please tune into my new/old blog and enjoy the new me! And if you feel you need a new beginning, wait before you jump in with both feet. Think about the implications of scrapping the past--because even if you want to shove it into a black hole and never look at it again, the past is part of the present. Everything that brought us to this point in time is valuable. And we can say goodbye to it and walk out into the sunshine of our newness knowing that it's a part of us--always.

Thanks for reading.


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