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Mystical happenings

I have two mystical stories to share regarding my writing. The first is about Just Another Desert Sunset, my coyote shifter book 1. I wrote this book when we lived in Tucson and of course it was inspired by my desert surroundings. When I was at my desk one morning I happened to look out the window to see a coyote in our front yard. Our eyes met. And when he limped off and I realized he had a hurt leg I got chills. I was just writing the part where my coyote gets shot. While I was living there I protested against the predator masters who come into Tucson for the express reason to shoot coyotes and other animals that live in the desert. I gave money to the Coyote Project and mentioned them in my 2nd book of the series. And while we are on the subject, I've written a 3rd book in the series--Dream Catcher--very different than the first two, mostly a story of lost love (hopefully regained) and a woman having psychological problems...but good nonetheless! Still about the coyote and the woman he loves (or used to!) Find out for yourself here.

The second strange and wonderful magical happening was after I published The Night of the Jaguar. This is one of my Summer McCloud paranormal mysteries (my amateur sleuth can talk to ghosts) It takes place in Akumal where Summer and her new husband, Jerry have gone to honeymoon. When Jerry disappears and she tries to find him, the mystery part heats up fast. (There is a very serious element to this book which I won't reveal in case you haven't read it) A jaguar becomes a large part of the mystery and leads the way to...that's all I will say on the subject...but know that the jaguar is a mystical creature that is associated with foreknowledge and the power to face one's fears. After publishing and after I gave money to the Northern Jaguar project , I felt the spirit of the jaguar hanging out around me. When I went for a walk the jaguar was there, weaving around my legs. The sensation lasted for a week and then he was gone. I think the jaguar was thanking me from bringing attention to this magnificent animal.

This is why I write.

Please take advantage of my discounted books this season. You can find them on my website here. And thanks for reading!!!


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