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This is a topic that all writers cringe about...but I'm writing to YOU, my readers. I have recently begun showing my face and voice to the world. It took me several tries before I could actually face my face, and not stumble over what I was saying or attempting to read! Here is a YouTube video of a reading from one of my Summer McCloud murder mysteries:

I would love any and all feedback! Does it entice you to read this book? I decided that I didn't care to look professional because I knew that looking professional would never happen for me. I can barely read without a stumble here and there.

In any case, working on this project has buoyed my spirits...have lost my muse in the past few months, so doing videos is taking the place of any substantive writing...hope this lifts soon because how many videos can anyone stand to look at? I'm not on TIKTOC.

In the theme of marketing I am considering selling from my website...haven't gotten all the details figured out yet, sounds easy but nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. And big question--is it worth it? I definitely need everyone who reads this to send it to a friend. Maybe I can get more subscribers? There is a free book other bit of news: I am updating several book covers, and the new ones are SHAZAM! I've uploaded two of them to the website already...see if you can find them.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to check out my YouTube channel!


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