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Kick-ass heroines

Does a heroine have to appear full-blown at the beginning of a book? Does she need to go it alone? I had a review in which a person commented that my main character was whiny and weak. Yes, she was. But as the book progressed she changed. I don't agree with books in which a character is uber strong at the get-go. If she is, what's the purpose of the book?

My characters start out with lessons to learn. Even the dark goddess in my current book 2 of the series has lost her powers. She has to go into the underworld/dreamtime to discover who she is. And my other question is: Why is it necessary for a character to never ask for help? Isn't collaboration part of what makes a person great?

These questions plague me as a writer of fantasy. It seems that readers want something unrealistic...well, yes, I know. Fantasy is by its very name, unrealistic. One way around this would be to have the heroine strong at the beginning but lose her strength as the story develops, and then somehow reclaim it. Trial by fire or some such theme...I am thinking about a new book, one in which the politics of the last four years does not intrude :)

My dystopian book Echoes is not doing well as far as sales go. (the one where politics does intrude) It makes me wonder about the themes and/or maybe the cover. My heroine is a tough girl at the beginning...falls in love as the story progresses, and now in Book 2 she's floundering. Here's a thumbnail of the two covers: Which one do you like? One on left is the new one...

Would love to know your opinion...please respond if you have one!

Thank you for reading!


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