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Happy Earth Day!!!

Ozone layer heals as the Earth is able to take a breather from humans.

So this is an unexpected gift--who would have considered that the waters of Venice could clear, and the skies could be free of smog (even in L.A.!) in such a short time! It is truly miraculous! And from what I'm hearing, many of the people infected with Covid19 got it because of the toxins and pollution where they live. So what does this tell us? That answer is obvious, but does it matter to the people in charge? It will in many countries who already take climate change seriously, but here? Trump will never admit to climate change, nor does he give a rat's ass for our environment. Money is king in the great U.S. of A. and we will do whatever is necessary to get it, including destroying our beautiful Earth.

I hope fervently that what we've seen through the eyes of this pandemic will wake us up to the truth. In order to save future generations we have to look out for our home. Because without our home we will die out as a species. Make no mistake. So please spread the word, pass the information out to anyone and everyone you know. Take this moment, this beautiful Earth Day and run with it...take the terrible tragedy and peer underneath to what it is trying to tell us. Once this is all over don't let it all fade into oblivion. Getting on with our lives means being conscious about everything we do and how we do it.


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