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Good Intentions gone awry...

I promised myself that I would be posting more often...but did I? NO. I could come up with a dozen excuses but they are all lame.

In solidarity with the lack of posting I also have been doing NO marketing. NONE. ZERO. I haven't even checked my sales on kindle, which would be depressing anyway because, you guessed it--NO MARKETING.

I have however been working on my new book--the one I posted about a hundred years ago--remember? I have 100 pages written so far and some interesting developments have arisen regarding my raven character. I won't say anything further about this since I don't want to give away the plot. I am getting more excited about the story now that the characters seem to have taken hold and are writing it without my help. Love it when that happens! I will only say that my character Sylvie (of the forest) has visited some very interesting settlements in the 2400's--some good and some very very bad--I guess it could be described as dystopian, but I prefer to call it magical realism...the themes are really about women and our distinct lack of power...(in the present as well as my imagined future.) Will it be solved in one book, this dilemma of power in the hands of men?

I have also discovered Inkarnate--anyone know what that is? I didn't until a friend showed me the incredible map she'd done for her WIP! I was astounded and wanted to learn it for myself--with her help I'm plugging along--costs $5 a month for the pro version and there is soooo much to choose from! Seriously cool. Hoping I can make it professional enough to add to the book--the world Sylvie's traveling through needs to be visualized.

While you are waiting impatiently for my new book please take a look at what I have out there...there are many to choose from, including the 3rd in my Coyote shape-shifting series. It is a woman's story for sure. Go to DreamCatcher on Amazon...(tried to copy and paste here but I'm now working on an LG monitor and things are not working as they should) Maybe just head over to Nikki Broadwell and you can see all my books--of course they are also on this site too...perhaps that's the way to get to Amazon? I am clueless when it comes to problems like these...AAARGH.

Forgive my ineptitude...

Thanks for reading


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