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NEW COVER--the story is set 300 years in the future and the genre is magical realism...heroine is a young woman who has a vision and must follow it to the end...but keeping the faith as she travels through the ruined landscape is something she finds hard to do. And what exactly is her mission anyway? Could she have dreamed the entire thing? A few sentences from a woman who appeared to her one time just isn't enough.


Sylvie is searching

for what she believes is the key to continuing

life. But fate has other ideas, the twists and turns taking

her away from her original plan. Her life is not what

she thought it was, nor is the world she's always called

her home.

Time itself has become elusive, her wanderings taking

her far from everything she knows and placing her in

the direct path of the unknown. Can she trust her

visions and herself or is this a dream within a dream, a

parallel reality of fantasies and lies?



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