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Bits and pieces

Starting things off with another book review--The Raven Spell by Luanne G. Smith is another page turner. I've read her Vine Witch series and loved it. Her writing flows onto the page and takes you out of your reality and into hers with ease. All of her stories are tales that inhabit unusual worlds with unique characters, some good some bad. With that said here is a link to the book:

I'm not going to bore you with all the books I've started recently and stopped. I am hard to please these days! I guess what they say about first paragraphs is true--if they haven't hooked you by then, it's too late. If they start with too many unpronounceable names and maps, I'm out. (Or if an animal is killed on page one and this goes for moves too.) I want to read stories that don't require flipping back to remember details or names or are so sad that I'm crying within minutes. Too much sadness to have my entertainment be sad as well.

I have just begun one that I'm hoping I continue to like. ( I hate not having a book to read!) Cauldstane by Linda Gillard. Can't say too much about because I'm only on chapter 3, but so far so good. Intriguing, at least.

I am working feverishly to finish the third book of my Coyote Trials series. Should be out in a month or so, I hope. Here is the cover and the blurb:

Problems arise for Sara and Istaga when Sara changes her mind about their living arrangements. The rez, where Istaga has been living and building their unique house, is no longer where she wants to be. Sara’s unexpected pronouncement throws Istaga into confusion. He was just beginning to understand the baffling behavior of the human species. Meanwhile, their nearly four-year-old daughter, Kaliska, who has been living as a coyote, is kidnapped. The men who have her know what she is and plan to cash in on it.

Searching for Kaliska leads Istaga and Sara on a wild goose chase that separates them even further. Will they find their baby and repair their relationship, or will this be another rift that cannot be mended?

As far as marketing goes, this has been a dry spell for me. I've been working on my writing in order to escape the world's problems and hoping that things get better. Trying to sell takes too much energy. I hope you writers are writing and that you readers are reading! And I hope this email brings some brightness to your life. Check out my recommendations and please, if you get the chance, follow me on Bookbub!



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