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Another Year!

The year of the woman? We can only hope and/or stand up for our civil rights. How can we have gone so far backward like this? It's been a long slide and now we are stuck in the mud at the bottom. I have given up on the two party system and am trying very hard to give up the news. I want to focus on the positive...there is now an underground helping women. We are not without resources. But the mere idea that MEN have taken us to this level makes my blood boil. Anyway, enough of that.

Finding The Tree is nearing conclusion. But the ending is giving me fits! The one I'd planned is too derivative and nothing else has presented itself. Normally my characters figure it out--perhaps I am too involved and too impatient? I am leaving it at least for today and using my time to edit. Maybe as I work my way through something will appear. I want this to be published in January so something better show itself soon! If you have forgotten or have not read previous blogs, this book is about a world of the future and a young woman who finds herself falling into a dreamworld and coming into contact with the distant past. But is it actually a dream?

I am also in the planning stages of another book, but this one will be non-fiction. A book about women and their stories. A friend of mine and I are co-creating it. I have already approached a woman living in her car about the project. She will be my first interviewee. But first I have to figure out how to record on my phone! I've done 'notes' so I'm sure it won't be too difficult.

Does this blog seem like a newsletter? Because that's what it feels like. News and thoughts. And speaking of news, I will be doing several very good promos in January. So keep tuned! Check out my website from time to time--I usually put the deals on the home page.

I would LOVE to have comments from any of you so inclined. I thought perhaps I didn't have a place to comment, but I think I do...Thanks for reading!!!



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