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the goddess says...

April 10, 2019

When darkness comes it's hard to see the light. But it helps to remember what it felt like when you COULD see the light. Writing stories helps with this, the characters arriving on the page who take on aspects of the problem and bring it into the light. These are dark times right now, at least for many of us, that is. There are those who are fine with trashing the environment, cutting back our restrictions that keep our air and our water safe--insisting that global warming doesn't exist. They are the haters of everyone who doesn't look like them. I am not one of them. I grieve every day for the mothers being separated from their babies at our southern borders. I grieve for the animals who are caught in the cross hairs of some man's high powered rifle or the creatures that no longer can follow their migratory paths. I grieve for the poor in this country, the ones who live on the street and the ones who can barely make it because of healthcare costs and what our so-called democracy is doing to them.


We must all wake up to the fact that our beautiful country is no longer a democracy. It is being run by corporations and the wealthy. We have a man with severe mental problems running things and until he is gone it will continue down this very bleak path. There are many organizations fighting hard to keep him in check and many many lawsuits pending. The U.N. has even stepped in regarding our policies at the southern border. They are the only thing standing between us and the unraveling of every single institution we hold dear. I ask why every single day, but there is no answer. The only reply seems to be the greed of the rich and a complete lack of empathy.


What can we do to help? We can focus on our tiny corner of the world, doing what we can--we can cultivate a loving heart and send that out into the ether instead of being angry. I only say this because I have been angrier and more upset than I've ever been in my entire life. Stress takes a terrible toll on health and I had to find a way past it. I send money when I can, I write letters when I can, I write this blog. And I write my books that reflect the themes of what is most dear to my heart. I thank the goddess for this.



I write today in the hopes that those who read my books are close to being on the same page. I write today because I want the best for my grandchildren. I write today because I'm heartbroken. 


Thank you for reading and keeping on writing!



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