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the goddess says...

December 13, 2018



Listen to yourself first and foremost. Don't let authorities of any kind dictate your path. It's hard in this world where authorities abound, to stand in your own truth. It's hard to listen to your intuition instead of to what doctors have to say. This is important: THEY DON'T ALWAYS KNOW. And here's the tricky part--finding out where the truth really lies. They want you to take a pill for this or that, and what they tell you scares you so much that you're willing to go along. Until you really think about it. The pill is most often to suppress whatever is going on--not to cure the underlying cause. What is the underlying cause? That's the question, isn't it?  Many studies are done by drug companies to prove what they want to prove. To buy into this is easy, believe me, I know. Drug companies are making millions from our fear. And most of the products they sell you are worse than the condition it supposedly helps. Before you line your bathroom shelves with bottles of pills, try another approach--go to an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, a naturopath, any natural healer--take a meditation class, take up yoga, or Chi-kung. 


Stress can cause most things, even though a doctor will rarely admit this. They are much more willing to blame all our ills on our high fat diet or our intake of red meat...take a pill, they say--all your worries will be over. And let's face it, this time in our country is VERY stressful. The only way to combat the stress is to turn away from the darkness and face the light. The world doesn't need our angst. What it needs right now is our good energy put into the collective unconscious--healing energy that combats the fear that has become rampant, causing people to turn against their own best interests. 


I like to stay current and I'm addicted to news, but I've decided that as soon as I feel any sense of helplessness I have to stop. We aren't helpless--our path is our contribution, not our worry and our fears. Being truly here and paying attention to the little things around us, is what really matters. Our world can shrink down to the size of a house and yard--what lives there? Do you have birds, insects? Can you see the sky, the sunset, the dawn? 


Enjoy it all--life is a miracle. 


Thanks for reading and keep on writing!

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