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The goddess says...

November 14, 2018


Be mindful, be caring, be loving. These sound like simple reminders, but in reality they are very difficult, especially in this culture of greed and division. Does it seem like we're turning tribal? We used to live in tribes, but that was before the world shrunk. In this day and age it seems we should be attempting to embrace our fellow man, but instead we shun him, turning to our own kind for safety. What is our 'own kind' you ask? Whites seem to be the strongest in holding on to the belief that they are better. I hate to admit that I am one. It seems the U.S. has gone backward in their thinking to the days when we had slaves. Even now we suppress their votes and kill them for no particular reason. There are more blacks in jail than any other color. 


And browns are being driven out, terrified to show their faces. Will building a wall really keep us safe? Is safety all we care about? To me we'd be safer with open borders where we haven't created an antagonistic situation--where those seeking asylum can calmly be processed without the military standing by dressed in fatigues and holding machine guns. Children have come into this country and gone missing...how is separating children from their parents a good thing? We are accountable for these atrocities, and so far they have not been addressed.


Is this all about the current administration or has this underbelly been fermenting for a long time? I'd say the latter. And I do believe there are way more caring people than there are haters. But it isn't good to promote hate, especially when we have war veterans who are living right on the edge with no access to mental health care, and others who are angry because of a host of other reasons. We are supposed to be the beacon to the world. 


In the end our choice is simple. We become our own beacons, always shining our light. We do what our inner goddess dicates, following our path. We don't allow ourselves to be caught up in the underbelly as we move forward toward the world WE want. It doesn't take screaming our truth or even marching--all it takes is staying centered and doing what we came here to do. Our particular dharma. 


Thanks for reading and keep doing your dharma!!

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