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The goddess says...

October 19, 2018

The goddess says, don't give up the fight. The goddess says, don't give in to the pressure. The goddess says, feminine energy is needed now more than ever. 


Venus lives in us...she brings light when there is none. We need to honor her and bring her light into our writing. If you are a woman living in these times of misogyny, you know the pain we all face. We see our government taken over by men, our concerns dismissed. Even our abuses are not believed. WE need to shine out light on these subjects, bring the strength of who we are into our work. 


Venus is the goddess of love. Love is what is missing these days, the love that brings empathy and understanding, love that is the opposite of the hate that is being fomented throughout our country. We can't ignore these things, but we can counteract them with what we know to be true. Burying our heads in the sand will not change anything. If we have no voice in what our government stands for then let us have a voice through our books, our poetry, our blogs. And through our conversations with others. We have to let our light shine through, and not get entangled in the negativity. 


Women have ruled in the past and they will rule again. It was a conscious decision to hand over the reins to men--a decision made millenia ago. In olden days women rode out next to their men--they fought side by side. Women were warriors. We haven't lost that, it's only been buried by the patriarchal society we live in. And look what a mess they've made of things! We need to wake up and take back our power. It won't look the same as men's power--theirs is based on greed, money and the need to control. Ours will be fluid, not static, calm, not angry, giving, not exclusive, loving, not hateful. 


Write your books based on the strength of women and what they have to give--write them from your heart. Put that divine energy back into this world that has grown cynical and cold. Let your light shine!


Thanks for reading and KEEP ON WRITING!

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