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The world of Otherworld

March 1, 2018


Otherworld is a land of mystical landscapes, with high snow-covered mountains and deep green forests that are watched over by Cernunnos, the horned god. Druids of old live there, as well as the pantheon of Celtic gods and goddesses. A species of humanoid known as Crion live there as well, who stand four feet tall and have upturned eyes and copper hair. They are the sacred keepers of Otherworld and live in tunnels deep beneath the ground.


But Otherworld is in danger. Dark forces are threatening, overwhelming the old ways that have always kept it safe from harm. And who leads this force? It is a priest who is not a priest, a man who wants only power.


And he is the twin of Finna's mother, Catriona--the dark side to the light she holds within her. 



Catriona is like a goddess, but even so, can she manage to keep her daughter safe from her brother on the long journey to have Finna's unborn child blessed?


It will take weeks to reach the castle of the moon goddess who will preside over this sacred celebration. The ceremony must happen on the night of winter solstice in the sacred grove above the castle of ice. And if they don't arrive in time all will be lost. Because the child Finna carries is the one who is prophesied to save Otherworld. 


To find out more read The Moonstone. 







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