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Christmas and other annoying distractions

December 11, 2017






This time of year makes me a bit crazy. It's like the entire country comes to a grinding halt while the feeding frenzy takes place. And not just any feeding frenzy--the consumer frenzy punctuated with EXPECTATIONS and disguised as Christmas. 

I am trying to finish a book, guys! And I want to get it formatted sooner rather than later. I'm keeping on until the moment when everything closes up around me. The weeks between Christmas and New Year's are a complete bust, but I've scheduled formatting for my book for the 18th--then why are you writing a blog--you ask? I had to take a break from editing or I would have gone permanently blind--that's why. But let me tell you how much I've accomplished in the way of gift buying and sending--NIL.


The book I'm currently working on is the 5th in the Summer McCloud series...it has been rolling right along, even with the darker themes that weave through related to sex and drug trafficking. Sometimes I think these themes are merely a vehicle for Jerry and Summer's shenanigans. Don't get me wrong--trafficking is a nasty business and I delve into the underbelly. But it is the characters who drive the story, just as they always do. If you've read other Summer McCloud's you'll understand what I mean.


How do you deal with Christmas? If you have kids I'd imagine it is all-consuming. Does your writing go into shelve it mode or do you power on through? A few eggnogs later might bring you back to your computer writing nonsense. But then again think about all the famous alcoholic writers! James Joyce, Edgar AllenPoe, William Faulkner, Dylan Thomas, Dorothy Parker, to name a few. 


Hope your season of going inward is filled with the light that comes from inspiration!

 Look for The Night of the Jaguar in January!


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