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Cheap pricing? Yes or no.

October 25, 2017

I'm on an amazon ad forum on FB...asked a question recently about when to pull an ad--basically how long to leave an ad going (paying for it every day) before it has proven to be a no-go. I had my book listed for .99 which adds up to basically no profit when someone buys it--unless of course there is a huge flurry of buying, which so far I have not experienced. I had decided to do all four books of my murder series at .99 to generate some interest--and I have been getting a few sales--BUT--a person on the ad group asked why my books were so cheap. I said because I wanted to get sales--she said that when she raised her prices her sales went up. That pricing a book too low makes a buyer think they are worth nothing. I have probably written about this before because I did experience the same thing when I was marketing my silk scarves and wallhangings (before I began writing) As soon as I increased the prices my sales went up. But with books and so many people competing? But I took her advice and raised the prices for all murder mysteries, including the one on the ad campaign. Only 2.99 for book 1, but still...now I have to wait and see what happens... 

What has your experience been with prices? Have you felt that raising them helped or hindered? I am in a quandary, afraid that I shouldn't have raised them, but also feeling justified in doing so. A book at .99 should be a bargain that happens once in a while, not the price forever--and yet what about the permafree thingy? None of mine are permafree because, as I've mentioned in previous posts, I got in serious trouble over it (won't make that mistake again) Love to hear your thoughts on this.


Thanks for reading! And keep on writing!

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