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Finishing a book

October 12, 2017

Must share what it was that made this latest book so challenging--The Moon in Her Eyes started off one way and took a turn down a confusing and hard to manage alleyway filled with rats and trash. (not literally, although there is a scene...). It was meant to be a simple tale of love lost love found, but instead it turned into saving the world! So on one hand I think the confusion rescued the story, but on the other hand it took me months longer to get through it! 



Figuring out how life on the planet may have deteriorated by the year 2050 given the current way of thinking was enervating and psychically exhausting. Bringing in the current political situation (in this country) and projecting what actually could happen made me as a writer realize how on the edge we really are--add to that scenario good and bad witches and...well, you know how that could go. AND making sense out of time travel is both exciting and utterly bewildering--many times I thought I had the plot solved only to realize that my solution would never work! (I am definitely not a physicist) Won't tell you more for fear of ruining the story, but trying to solve the problem of hatred and racism in the past is not an easy one.




This meme says it all. But do not take it seriously--I would never put it out there if I really thought the work was horrible! Confusing at times, frustrating at times, but definitely fast paced entertainment with a good message and leading into another book. Win, win--right? But I have to say that finishing did seem to be a major goal there at the end. And after I sent it off to beta reader I was pretty much done other than the final edit. Normally I go into a depression once I send a book off to the formatters but this time I moved right into to another project that's been on the sidelines without a moment of down time. 


Thanks for reading and keep on writing no matter how frustrating it is! I am. 


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