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Things that work and things that don't

September 2, 2017


Took ten of my books off kdp select in order to add them onto Draft2Digital. I love the concept of D2D--so easy to set up and made me feel good to know my books were on other sites besides Amazon...trouble is in three weeks I had sold only one book. So I unpublished and now have to re-enroll them all in select...*sigh*


I am in the process of trying to find my readers--(when am I not?) not an easy task if you are an unknown author as I am...yes, I have a few fans but need sooo many more if I'm to sell a reasonable amount of books! ( a number that is quite low in comparison with other indie author's expectations) But...Some of the things I'd planned to do, ala my friend and marketing expert, Kathaleen Coyle, have been disappeared by Amazon--has anyone seen the 'So you'd like to..." guide lately? It doesn't seem to exist--also, what about listmania? not sure how to do that either but if it's still an option I will try. Why is Amazon taking these things away? seems to me they would want all of their indie authors to succeed and make money for them. Ugh. I am trying hard not to be discouraged.


As to FB I have given up on doing ads--can't figure out the pixel since what I want to do is send people straight to my book--pixel has to be a website. I love my website, but it is another step an impatient person may not want to take. Anyone else have this problem? If so how  did you solve it? 


And more whining...the book I've been working on that was nearly finished somehow disappeared at least thirty pages--it is simply gone. But then I think it's probably because I wasn't on the right track. Magical thinking anyone? But on the positive side I had a five star review for Rosemary for Remembrance


I'm keeping on, working on the second witch book, Moon in Her Eyes and a new Summer McCloud murder mystery called Akumal Alibi. My best advice in troubled times is too keep on writing!


Thanks for reading--hope that next blog will have some good news and even better tips! I love comments so please don't hesitate!

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