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Author In Progress

Playing with Pinterest

August 9, 2017


What a treasure trove of possibilities! I have had an account on Pinterest for at least a year but had no idea what to do with it. I still have a very limited understanding of what I can do, but..I'm learning due to my marketer extraordinaire Kathaleen Coyle!! I upgraded to a free business account because with it I can get analytics. (and probably several other things I'm not currently aware of)


Here's what I can share so far:

1.   Viewers and pinners are mostly women.

2.  For authors it's fun and I think it can be lucrative. 

3.  Finding pins to create an impression about a book is

      entertaining and totally engrossing.

4.  You can lose yourself for hours.

5.  Using Canva to create pins is easy peasy, as evidenced by

      my ability to create one. (thank you Kathaleen)


(This picture of Asgard is one of many on my 'Gypsy family tree' board, although now I'm thinking I should call it 'Gypsy's fantasy landscape' --as I said, I'm still learning and probably will be for quite some time.) 


The losing yourself can be good and bad. Yesterday afternoon went by in a flash without a word written in my WIP. I began searching for people to pin who I thought looked like my characters, writing little snippets of dialogue beneath their pictures. (You can edit what is written beneath the pins and change it to match your purposes) After a friend took a look and gave me her opinion, I realized that creating an impression of the book is the better way to go--not to put up a storyboard that basically gives away the storyline. Fanciful and symbolic is the way to go.


Instead of thinking of Pinterest as a marketing tool I'm thinking of it as a place to play and have fun. And learning Canva can be a part of that as well...


If you haven't yet, try Pinterest out for yourself.




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