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The goddess says...

Breathe. Let the light of this time flow through you. Everything is in flux. Energy abounds and can feel overwhelming at times. Plant your seeds, water them and watch them grow. If you read anything about this time astrologically you will hear that the old ways are failing and the new ways are just beginning. Doesn't it feel that way? The shifts are coming faster now, causing disrupted sleep, brain fog and a feeling that nothing is real. Hare in the Moon is a good place to start if you haven't already been following the major shifts going on.

I, personally have been in a stuck place for several months. I'm not interested in writing the same stories, but the goddess has yet to tell me what's next. I unpublished one book and stopped working on another. I'm redoing book covers. Patience seems to be the word of the hour. And patience is not my strong suit! If you have begun a new project, good for you. And if you have yet to decide your future, don't push it. (advice to myself on an hourly basis) We can rest in the knowledge that the chaos we're noticing is a part of the change. Because there are those who fear it and resist. And if you resist a tidal wave you can get swept away.

From my own perspective my marketing has suddenly gone belly-up, my books not selling. Any of the old ways that have worked in the past do not work now. And if I'm faced with anything tricky to navigate, say putting an ad up on amazon, I end up walking away from it. My mind simply refuses to go there. And so I wait, wondering what will come next. A few new things have begun--the one I mentioned in my last blog about the YouTube videos I'm currently doing. My plan is to not only read from my books but to also talk about the goddess and how she figures in my writing and the mystical experiences I've had in the midst of writing certain books.

Remember who you are and ground yourself in earth energy. Try not to be carried away by negativity. Believe in yourself and what you know to be true. The divine feminine is alive and well and will prevail.

Thanks for reading.


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