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The Goddess says...

What is happening on earth is meant to be. And although there is tragedy, light is prevailing, not only onto the earth but in the minds and hearts of those who live here. The earth is resting and healing. Dolphins are swimming in the canals in Venice. The water is clear and there are fish. The darkness that has held us within its grip, thru political choices and hatred, has backed off for a moment. Our hectic lives have come full stop. We can look around and breathe. Plane sounds are missing, heavy traffic is gone. Animals are showing themselves as spring appears. Consciousness is shifting.

Perhaps this will usher in a new way of doing business--more online which will mean less pollution from cars. Our frenetic lives will be calmer, allowing us a moment to think about what's important. For myself I have felt the need to reach out to those I care about. To stay more closely in touch. Life is precious, as is this amazing earth we live on. At this moment we realize that we are all one.



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