• Nikki Broadwell

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Dive into a world that seems eerily like some medieval suspicion-steeped past.

The Tarot deck lies scattered around Gertrude, but only one card is face-up. The Tower. And despite having no memory of how she got here or where 'here' is, she knows its meaning. Massive upheaval, destruction and chaos. A tingle goes down her spine, the feeling that her life has been turned upside down.

And so it has...the pregnancy does not reveal itself for another month, but who the father is and where this conception took place are as elusive as the clouds dissipating across the sky.

It's the satyr who alerts Gertrude to the truth. She's in a mythological world--one of the Nine Norse realms. And the only bright spot in this terrifying reality is the sailor with the turquoise eyes. Somehow he's familiar to her, but why, remains hidden.

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