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New Book Coming Soon!

Book 4 of Raven and Hummingbird fantasy series! Witches & wizards, gods and goddesses, dragons and more!

Thinking of this as cover--maybe with a bit of fudging around. Or the one below...There is a witch in the new book and she figures prominently. But I also like the one with the candles that suggests meditating ...Book name as of now is Raven Redux

Which one do you like best? You can message me at nikki@nikkibroadwellauthor.com

Would love to have your feedback! Covers are important! If you have not done so and you like fantasy, please read the first 3 books of the series. You can find them here.

Here is a short excerpt of new book:

When Bran reached Myrddin’s cave it was empty. Nothing remained aside from the lingering smell of smoke and herbs and the symbols painted on the walls. The air shimmered and he ran for the trees, but he’d already been spotted. “I know why you’re here,” a female voice said. “Do you know where my son has gone?”

Bran crept backward, watching the shimmer morphe into a woman wearing a black dress that seemed to be made of flowing mist. Her face was in shadow as she moved toward the trees. “You can’t hide from me,” she smirked. “Lucky for you I am on a quest to find my son. If you know where he has gone you MUST tell me now!” Her voice rang out and Bran was suddenly unable to move. The words poured out. “I don’t know where he went. I was coming to warn him.”

The witch cackled. “You are a powerless being with no will of your own. But I did enjoy our little interlude.”

Bran gagged, his mind scattering back to the time with Airmid. Hearing it from the hideous witch’s lips made it even worse.

“Yes, that was me, not your precious earth goddess. Go now before I decide to kill you.”

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