• Nikki Broadwell

Lucifer and the Dark Goddess

My new book is currently at the formatters! If any of you would like the pdf NOW, please let me know! I will give it away in trade for an honest review. It is dystopian, sort of on the order of MAD MAX, if you remember those movies. Blurb:

Feirin is lost. Other than her name, she has no memories of who she is or where she came from. The only clue to her identity is the black stone hanging around her neck and the crescent moon tattoo on her forehead. But what these symbols mean is not so easy to discover.

A trip to the police only brings more questions, especially since she has no identity card or last name. And without these, there is a chance she will be deported.

A high wall of dark stone surrounds the soulless city of metal and glass high-rises. But outside those walls lies an arid desert wilderness where nothing can survive.

Please e-mail me @ nikkibroadwell@comcast.net

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