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How reading changes your perspective

I've learned more from fiction than any class I've ever taken.

Reading takes you into worlds you never knew existed. It is not only entertainment, it is also a place to learn new things both about yourself and the universe. Whether fiction or nonfiction, it is magical and can open your eyes to what exists or can exist if you only give it a chance. In other words it is everything you hoped for.

  1. “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” — Stephen King

Try books you've never considered before--branch out, be brave and courageous!


When I was a kid the happiest moments for me were when I became lost inside a book. In the summers I was given a reading list and just looking at the list brought me joy. Ah, the lazy days of lying in a hammock or sitting by a stream or climbing a tree, book in hand...I can't imagine a life without books.


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