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Book Reviews

Just finished reading The Water Witch by Jessica Thorne and quickly ordered The Bookbinder's Daughter. There were times when the writing became a tiny bit confusing but the story made up for it. For anyone who likes fantasy and unusual happenings in a European setting, this is a book for you. Story line is a woman coming back to the place where she lost her fiancé, and diving to find a lost city that may or may not be a myth. Intrigued?

Next book on my list is: The Fire in the Glass by Jacquelyn Benson. This is a unique read, set in 1914 London. Romantic, unusual, and intriguing in all the ways a good book should be. Seances, mediums, people with unique talents--need I say more? I give it a solid 5. Unfortunately I did not enjoy the second book in the series, The Shadow of Water. But you might. Same characters, but the plot got away from me, the situation losing me as it went on. It's more violent and graphic than the first book and also more convoluted. I guess I'm a a lazy reader these days.

Also any of the series called Echoes from the Past, by Irina Shapiro are worth a read. I usually have to wait a while in between books since it is the same characters that carry through and it can become boring. But writing is good and plots are always good.

More later...

Thanks for reading!



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