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Anger Versus Grief

Our world is suffering. As a country we are losing our rights. The planet is crying out for healing. I have been so angry I could barely contain it...

My newest book is riddled with these themes, every day bringing more fodder to bear. But within these dystopian pages I'm being ground down by the crucible of truth. I've been shattered like my protagonist, realizing that my anger has covered over what is really important. It is sadness, and grief that underlie the fury and the screaming and the shouting. Anger is like an all consuming fire, burning us up until we are ash. But if we allow ourselves to feel the grief, our hearts open. Tears are the way to the truth, not anger.

Anger is easy. It pulls at us--righteous indignation. And righteous it is. But in the end it does nothing but fan the flames and make it burn hotter. There is no end to it. Flames consume everything in their path. But tears...tears water the earth, they make things grow, they release the pent-up pressure we carry during these chaotic and disturbing times. When we cry we feel cleansed, purged. We can see again.

Here is an idea for a possible cover for my newest book. Dystopian with, of course, a love story woven through it:

Themes are: racism, rich versus poor, survival, love and what it means, rage and grief...a future world riddled with troubles...just like the one we live in.

Thanks for reading. I will let you know once this book is released--should be coming out in the fall! Working title: Lucifer and the Dark Goddess


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