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A Book Review

This is a decidedly unique story. And well written. Takes place in an old library. As the subtitle says, there is magic there. The characters are elusive and allowed to stay so until the end, which is one of the things I loved about this story--a magical tree and a secret that is not revealed until the end. The main character has lost her memories of her younger self. She doesn't know who she is. Need I say more? My search for good books is becoming more and more difficult. Even trad authors who have a name for themselves are not bothering to have their books edited (which really pisses me off since I, as a self-pubbed author, take so much time to make sure my books don't have errors). My ability to put up with this is waning. I'm becoming more and more picky. There have been some stories that the plot keeps me going despite the mistakes, which are mostly cut and paste, but overall I will put the book down if it stops me too much. I don't think any of us should put up with it--it's like politics--if you don't like something or it seems wrong, you have to speak up or at least turn away.

Speaking of books I am working on what I think is a pretty good story. I'm halfway through and the characters have definitely decided to run with it. I love when this happens because then I know that I'm on the right track. Seems funny that being on the right track means I have little to do with it, but that's how it is. And not all my books have been this way--the last one, Finding the Tree was a slog! But please don't hesitate to read it--it's a good story.

This new one is called IN SITU, which means in the original place (if you don't know--I didn't, but title came to me so I used it) It takes place in 2323 but there is a time-travel element involved. A love story, a bad guy being pursued through other timelines and a man who was experimented on back in late 21st century who is still alive in 2323...hope I'm generating some interest. Should be published in July if the characters keep moving it forward like they are now.

In the mean time pick up another of mine or read The Bookbinder's Daughter...



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