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The sacred feminine is rising. Goddesses are needed now, more than ever. 



Romantic dystopian set 300 years in the future: A woman who has lost her memories, a being from another realm, and a Mad Max type crazy world!

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"I really enjoyed the start of this series. The weaving together of Celtic and Norse mythology is fascinating. The stories behind the scene are vividly painted and sad in their betrayal. I can't help but hope everything will work out for the love just budding and being betrayed. The mystical world is described so beautifully; I want to go!"

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Moonstone Book Cover. Wolfmoon Series


Willow by author Nikki Broadwell, Book Cover


Raven by author Nikki Broadell, Book Cover



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                The Last Keeper of the Light


The world was dark, the grid down—probably for good. No one knew why. Raiders held the upper hand, combing the forests in search of what they needed. Weapons were in short supply, as was food and clean water.

Sandal had only known the reality of trying to stay one step ahead of danger. But when she met Jacob things changed. He was her lifeline, her one tether. And when they parted, her hope vanished along with him.

But that was then. Now she must find her way out of a world gone mad, or die trying.



Writing has become my life, and when I am not at my computer I feel like something is amiss! I've always been a writer, but only began seriously in 2002, when I decided to write about my parents' life and my father's time in POW camps during WW2. In between this very emotional undertaking I began a fantasy--my 'fun' escape writing. Three books later put me on the fantasy train, lusting after all things magic and mystical! I am now up to twenty-six novels and counting. And the one featuring my father's diaries has finally been released, the story revolving around two made-up characters who bear no resemblance to my parents: Rosemary's Remembrance. 

I write what the goddess (muse) tells me to write, my characters taking hold of the plot and running with it. At times I feel I am only here to tap the keys. If the story does not move forward freely I figure something is not quite right and have to either put it away for a bit or go back to the place where 'I" took over. 

When I'm not at my computer you can find me somewhere over the rainbow...or on a trail in the woods or desert, hiking with my dog and my husband of over thirty years. 

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I'm hooked! I cannot wait to finish the series! Highly recommend if you like this type of reading material! Bravo! 

Nearly twenty years have gone by since Finna made her trip into Otherworld. It was her baby who had been named as 'the one'. and now this child has grown up. Maeve lives a normal life until visions and dreams begin to plague her. Her painting is taking on a strange new tone and the creatures within them seem to move and come alive. 

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