Step through the portal into a dangerous world of the future

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Feirin's memories are hazy, but she knows that this world is not where she belongs.

Or does she? 

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Gypsy Series


A magical boat, a handsome sailor, and a dangerous quest that travels across time and space. Leave your life behind and sail into the unknown where Norse gods, satyrs and dragons are commonplace!

"Another engrossing, expansive and thoroughly enjoyable novel by Nikki Broadwell." ~Emily Trinkaus, astrologer~


Wolfmoon Series
Fall into Otherworld and find the magic you've been missing!
Gods and goddesses, druids of old and an ancient evil that wants to turn a mystical land dark, all await you between the pages of these four books!
"This is another you Don't want to miss tale. LOVED every minute."

Wolfmoon Series


Fall into Otherworld and find the magic you've been missing!

Gods and goddesses, druids of old and an ancient evil that wants to turn a land dark, all await you between the pages of these four books!

"This is another you Don't want to miss tale. LOVED every minute."





I'm hooked! I cannot wait to finish the series! Highly recommend if you like this type of reading material! Bravo! 

~M. Adams~ 

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Three generations of strong women must fight against evil poised to take over their mystical land...

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Raven and Hummingbird Series

Five Star Review!

" we go again with Another SUPER Nikki book... Another fantastic story that will take you away...You don't want to miss this." ~amazon reader~

Follow Kat from one reality into another as she struggles to make sense of her new life after the death of her mother. And why are ravens watching her every move?


Two book Series


A coyote who wants to be a man--and the  woman who falls in love with him...


Young adult time-travel to the future and the past! Be prepared for a few surprises along the way!

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Visit the Salem of 1692 with Emeline, a proper witch from the future, in this re-imagining of the witch trials.

Enjoy a good mystery? Spend time with Summer McCloud who can talk to the dead!
Irreverent, funny, romantic and scary!

full resolution for black and white etc.
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Single Books

...the world has gone dark and raiders have the upper hand...Sandal must find her way through a world gone mad, or die trying. 
Rosemary and Dylan are estranged. Does the antique locket Rosemary wears hold the key to saving their marriage? 
Collie is hoping for a new start, but when she leaves an abusive husband, she finds that the past has a way of catching up. 

Meet Nikki

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I was wandering fields and woods by myself at six years old. Luckily we lived on a farm at the time and I could allow my imagination to soar as I discovered the rocky outcroppings that hid the fairy glens, the  habitats of two-inch high beings, the rabbit holes that led down into a world of mystery and climbed the old oak tree that oversaw these magical landscapes. I haven't changed much since then.


Writing has become my life, and when I am not at my computer I feel like something is amiss! I've always been a writer, but only began seriously in 2002. I spent too many hours alone as a kid, fantasizing about castles and kingdoms. I still lust after all things magical and mystical! In practical terms my degree was in English and Art, two subjects that I couldn't decide upon, and so I pursued them both!

I write what the goddess (muse) tells me to write, and my characters take hold of the plot and run with it. They feel like old friends who won't listen to reason as I tap the keys according to their whims. I would say all my books would fit into Romantic Fantasy genre, aside from the mysteries, which are ghostly, bawdy and humorous. 

When I'm not at my computer you can find me somewhere over the rainbow...or on a trail in the woods or desert, hiking with my dog and my husband of over forty years.


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The divine feminine is alive and well!


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